Unlock the

Keys to the Vatican

and change lives around the world.

Own limited edition artwork
while helping those in need.

Discover the beauty and history of our official limited edition collectibles featuring works by Michelangelo, DaVinci, Botticelli, and more... ​

Take advantage of this opportunity to own a truly unique piece of History!

Keys to the Vatican, a collaboration between Tota Pulchra Ars Vaticana, Global Leaders Collective and D1srupt1ve, aims to raise funds for global relief causes and invites individuals to become part of a new generation of art enthusiasts and supporters.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to
meet privately with Pope Francis!!


Each digital collectible artwork is like a key, providing access to the treasures of the Vatican City. Did you know that the Vatican City Museum houses over 70,000 works of art? And every day, these works of art are protected and preserved by the use of keys. In fact, there are 2,797 keys in use every day in the Vatican City Museum alone!

Our first set features four renowned works from the Vatican art collection, each with 2,797 limited edition digital collectibles. This represents the number of keys used to unlock the doors to the Vatican Museum’s real-life art collection treasures. 

These digital collectibles are not just decorative items. Holding each digital collectible artwork is your key to unlock the utility, experiences, and benefits that come with being a Keys to the Vatican collector.

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Tota Pulchra Ars Vaticana

Tota Pulchra Ars Vaticana is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Vatican’s extensive art collection, born from an idea of ​​Monsignor Jean-Marie Gervais.  Tota Pulchra was the name of the original prayer made by the Virgin Mary when Jesus Christ was born and wrapped in her arms. Monsignor Jean-Marie Gervais took that name and provided it to the Vatican City for the number one institution for creativity of Vatican Art, music, dance and culture. 

Marilyn Goldberg

Marilyn Goldberg is a highly respected art historian and the current president of Tota Pulchra Ars Vaticana.  She is internationally renowned as “The Queen of Art,” having worked with some of the greatest artists of all time.  With over 30 years of experience in the field of art conservation, Marilyn has made significant contributions to the study and preservation of art and cultural heritage.

Personal thank you
from Marilyn


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in this one-of-a-kind project!  

Tota Pulchra was established to promote and celebrate the creativity of Vatican art, music, dance, and culture, and to preserve and share the Vatican’s extensive art collection with the world.

As someone who has dedicated my career to the promotion and preservation of art, I’m excited that we can now combine the art of the past with the technology of the future for the benefit of people in need.

I hope you’ll join us!

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